Pin-Up, hot retro, sexy, Maxim magazine style… I do it all! I love to doll up women and maximize their sex appeal right before their very eyes!

Why use MUAH for your Boudoir???

Lighting, lighting, lighting! I work a lot with photographers and I know the lighting systems. If not done correctly, it can easily wash the contrast away… (Applies to any photoshoot! Even weddings!) Expert MUAH will contour and highlight desired facial features and maximize hair potential. Often I hear after initial reveal that it might be too much make-up, but I promise it will look flawless in the setting and I will adjust it to whichever lighting scenario that will be applied. On the actual image, both the hair’s and make-up’s intensity will lessen a bit for the ultimate Boudoir shoot.


MAC, MAC, MAC..... I do love my MAC! It will allow me to use max coverage that I need for any type of shoot and had been proven to withstand through heat, sweat, and bright lights.

I use both traditional Make-Up and Airbrush Make-Up.


Yes please! How can you not?!?! They enhance every facial shape and eye! They look amazing in pictures and are included in all my make-up services. Feel free to bring some that you must have, but must be new in original packaging in order for me to apply, thanks!

There are feathered lashes, Barbie lashes, natural lashes…. All sorts! Don’t be shy, they are the best!

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